Jolly Toper Tastings




The new website for Jolly Toper Tastings

By steven

Welcome to the new website for Jolly Toper Tastings.  Jolly Toper Tastings is a long-running whisky tasting session at one of the most historic bars in Edinburgh, The Tollbooth Tavern. Tastings typically include five malt whiskies at cask strength chosen either to be part of a theme or representing a more balanced selection of flavours.

The site will act as a point of contact for the business, a reference for the dates and details of the regular tastings and a source of comment and news particularly focused on whisky. During tastings those present get the chance to feed back their thoughts on the drams tried. After each regular tasting a write up will feature an evaluation rating, represented as a percentage, reflecting the group’s enjoyment of the drams. Don’t forget Jolly Toper Tastings host private and hospitality tastings too.

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