Jolly Toper Tastings




Poetry Competition.

By jollytopertastings

Win a free ticket to a Jolly Toper tasting. All you’ve got to do is improve upon the below effort – shouldn’t be too difficult. The best one wins an open ticket to any tasting. It has to be whisky themed, initially closing date is end of April 2016 but let’s see what unfolds. Ticket valid until end of 2016, but if you’ve not used it extending shouldn’t be a problem.

A Whisky, Oh Dizzy

thread of a story, the fabric of fable
national pride and scourge of Scotland
a glass of time delicately distilled

the taxman’s tonic, the doctor’s orders
two’s just fine, three’s not enough
the truth of grain, deceitful deeds

crystal crashing super-premium breathalyser
skirlin’ and whirlin’ and birlin’ in bed
tartan tat and Johnnie and Jack

never again or hair of the dog
nurture the nature, muster the maltster
so brew the peck and profess the pot still

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